The recruitment agency Look For Staff PRO  is a team of personnel consultants engaged in the recruiting for different branches and sectors. We are pleased to co-operate with known international companies giving us the trust to select and to choose their workforce. We are successfully involved in the Polish market since 2004 in the realization of recruitment projects and in the implementation of complex consulting activities. Our clients appreciate our engagement and the high standards of our co-operation, and the crew of Look For Staff PRO is open for their suggestions and needs. The experience in different business sectors allowed us to streamline our main activities into three main categories: sales and marketing, finance and accounting, production and logistics. We offer recruitment services in these categories both for durable working contracts as well as for temporary employments.

Sales and Marketing

Finance and Accounting

Production and Logistics

The experience of the consultants of Look For Staff  PRO in this sector applies both for the FMCG and for B2B business.


We serve companies in the food industry, in the chemical-cosmetic sectors, in the building businesses, in the packaging branch, in the logistic compartment, in the warehousing enterprises, in the pharmaceutical production, in the medical equipment area, in the field of cleaning machinery, in the professional chemical manufacturing, in the touristic sector and many others. We provide sales and marketing specialists in the positions of: Marketing Manager, Category Manager, Brand Manager as well as Sales Manager, Business Development Manager, Key Account Manager, Sales Representative. Our main priority is the satisfaction of our clients. According to their requests we can find even in very narrow professional groups the appropriate candidates, who are very much appreciated in their field. This is possible because of the deep knowledge of the branch in which we operate.

In our staff we have specialists professionally serving the financial sector.


We recruit employees in the financial and accounting departments for Polish and foreign companies. Our main recruitment projects are for the key positions such as: Main Accountant, Financial Controller, Financial Director. We help also in the research of personnel in middle management like: Independent  Accountant, Financial Analyst, Tax Specialist, Vindication Specialist as well as many others. The consultants for the service of the temporary workforce have access to databases of personnel in the financing and accounting sector. The selection of the candidates is not only based on an interview but also in skill testing, as for instance in the ability to run certain programs.

Following the needs of our clients, who run big productions facilities, we recruit management and specialist personnel.


Our database is filled with interesting candidates for the positions of: Production Manager, Chief Technologist, Workflow Manager, Logistic Director, Warehouse Manager, Logistic Specialist, Food Technologist, Shift Manager, Production Line Manager, Packaging Specialist, Constructor, Mechanical Specialist and many others. The search of the appropriate employees in the production and in the warehouse departments is an important success factor. Look For Staff PRO offers a quick and reliable recruitment process also for the positions in the lower hierarchy (as well as for the temporary work option). We employ mechanical, electrotechnical, warehouse and production line staff. We provide also the full employment registration and payment services for the temporary workforce.

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